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Vormel 1 GP etapp Bakuus

Vormel 1 GP etapp Bakuus Narmin Tourism Group


Formula 1 in Baku 2020

Tour Duration: 2 nights 3 days 

June 05-07.2020

Regions: Baku

The Caucasian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Baku (Baku City Circuit) is a real street racetrack of the royal races located in the center of the largest city of the Caucasus in the capital of Azerbaijan. A 6-kilometer track partially passes through the very center of Baku, including around the fortress walls of the old city. This is the fastest of the city routes, and only Spa is second in terms of circle length. The track itself includes ten stands, a tower of the race management, a complex of boxes with the Paddock Club on the top floor and other infrastructure.

The organization of the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan was engaged at the state level, which emphasized the status of the project and its importance for the country - and it immediately received the title title of Grand Prix of Europe.

Tilke Engineering (Herman Tilke’s architectural bureau) developed the track route. The track is 6 km long and includes 20 turns (8 right and 12 left), the movement is organized counterclockwise. The maximum speed can reach 340 km/h, the calculated average speed can be 208 km/h. Against the background of all other autodromes, a certain section of the track identifies the highway in Baku, where the cars will go in opposite directions: from the 6th turn to the 7th one way, and from the 19th to the 20th in the opposite direction, and special security will provide concrete partition.

Race start and boxes will be located on the Azadlig square. After the start, going around the Government House, the road will go to Flag Square. Part of the route runs along the street. Istiglaliyat and past the Fortress walls. 

Only citizens of Turkey, Israel, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore can obtain visa upon arrival at international airports of Azerbaijan. For citizens of Russia and the CIS (except for Turkmenistan), a visa is not required to Azerbaijan. Citizens of other countries must obtain a visa prior to arrival, through the consulates of Azerbaijan in their country or to issue an electronic visa through our travel agency. To apply for a visa, contact our managers at least 4 weeks before arriving in Azerbaijan.

Local currency: Manat
The recommended currency for the exchange is: USD or EURO.
Where to exchange currency: Upon arrival at the airport, the guide will provide accurate information on where and how to exchange cash for local currency.
Availability of ATM: Only in large cities.
Accept credit cards: Only in large cities.

The cost of the tour from 449 USD per person for a stay in Double room includes:
Accommodation in hotel 4 * double room on the program based on breakfast.
Transfers and transportation according to the program.
Excursions on the program.
Services of a Russian-speaking or English-speaking guide.
Entrance tickets to museums.
Additional paid: 

Lunch - from 15 USD (soft drinks included)
Dinner - from 20 USD (soft drinks are included)

Supplement for single accommodation: $ 199 per tour
The cost of a visa is 40 USD (if not citizens of the CIS),
Charges for photo - and video shooting in museums

The firm reserves the right to change the order of visiting excursion objects, keeping the program as a whole. The company reserves the right to change the cost of the tour provided that it is notified in time.

Dear guests, please send inquiries for individual tourists and tourist groups to e-mail: 
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